Zombie survival sequel: 6 new things you can do.

State of Decay 2 is coming in spring 2018, with base building and character progression pumped up, a new blood plague to infect your survivor community, and a much-requested online co-op mode. Take a watch and discover the new things you can do in the zombie survival sim sequel.

1.Play in Co-op:

As an open-world, freeform zombie survival game with an ensemble cast of characters, State of Decay would have been the perfect co-op zombie experience, except it had no co-op.

To the surprise of exactly no-one, State of Decay’s most requested feature was a co-op mode, and in State of Decay 2 developer Undead Labs has provided the very thing.

The sequel has an online co-op mode in which you and up to three other players join forces.

You can take a character from your community and jump into a friend’s game with them or vice versa, or you can send up a flare that signals to other players that you want co-op company.

In online co-op you can watch each other’s back and collaborate on your survival but not hurt each other directly, since friendly fire is turned off. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

2.Build better bases

State of decay 2 comes with more exensive base building options than its predecessor.

At last you can construct the full service survivalist compound of your dream.

The range of facilities you can install inside the cozy confines of your base offer various benefits to your community.

But these facilities also need to be run by survivors with the right skills.

3.Create leaders

State of decay 2 doubles down on its role-playing elements with a deeper character progression system.

Each survivor has a handful of skills and also traits drawn from a pool of over 1000 personality traits.

It’ll be for you to develop each survivors skills for the benefit of your community and look after the relationships between each of your unique survivors.

Who knew that human resources management would turn out to be a vital survival skill.

Your duties as postapcocalytic HR manager also include picking out community leaders.

You can promote your fav survivors to leadership roles by following their advice and completing thei goals.

Witch in turn unlocks new perks and steers the community along a path towards.

The particular priorities of your leader the thell you what those particular priorities might be so maybe pick your leader carefully. We’ve all watched The Walking Dead.

4.Catch blood plague

It cant be all good news in the Amba geddens so while you’re enjoying these swanky new bases.

You’ll also be contending with a whole new strain of zombie fiying sickness the new desease is called Blood Plague.

Which I’m not a doctor but in my medical opinion sounds like bad times .Yami’s come on Blood Plague zombies are a special zombie type that can infect.

Player characters with said blood plague.

Once a survivor is infected with this blood plague a timer starts.

And once the time is up, that plague victim turns into a blood plague zombie themselves all is not lost.

However, if you can create an infirmary at your base to delay the infection taking hold or even to a cup of cure.

5. Execute survivors

If you’ve got a blood plague infected survivor you’ll occasionally be faced with the dire decision. I for what to do with someone who’s run out of time.

At this point you will have the option to spare the survivor kill the survivor or exile them from your community, kicking them out into these zombie wilderness to fend for themselves get in yikes.

The zombie survival ism is not as much of a light-hearted mall raiding lock.

As I’d thought maybe there’s something I can do to take my mind off all the horror.

6.Visit tombstones of executed or lost survivors.

In state of decay, to Zook immunity screen you can check in with your growing collective of lucky survivors.

At the same time though you can visit the tombstones of the unlucky persons.

Dead persons who are memorialized here so you can never forget them all the time you shot them in the head.

I hope you brought flowers. What would you do if the world you knew was gone?

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